Come, Let's Share our Faith
Let us take our spiritual life more seriously

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Catholic Faith Friends...

Catholic Faith Friends is a forum dedicated to everyone who talk about the Catholic Faith. Here, we become friends, share our Catholic Faith together and grow together in our spiritual life. Members have the opportunities to ask questions, get answers and proffer their own opinion on Faith matters. Very Often, we get carried away with many other earthly concerns that we forget the responsibility of our Baptismal vows - to nurture our Faith. Come, let us learn more about our Catholic Faith, Let us live out our Catholic Faith more and we will continually rejoice in the great gift of our faith. Come, Let us be friends in our Faith. Sign Up today, let us talk about our faith. Let us discuss what bothers you in morality and religion. There is no reason to give up on Morality and Religion!

What is it all about?

  • It is purely a spiritual club meant to encourage members unto salvation.
  • It is a club meant to make members agents of evangelization.
  • It is about understanding the faith of the Church.
  • It is about friendship in Christ.
  • It is about encouragement in the faith
  • It is about Catholic Spirituality and Devotion.
  • It is about promoting the growth and well-being of members.
  • It is about service to God and others.

Some Practical Steps Recommended to Members

  • You should devote time to be alone with God in prayers daily.
  • You should study your Bible daily.
  • You should keep away from every occasions of sin.
  • You should make good friends.
  • You should have a spiritual director.
  • You should belong to a society in the Church.



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