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The Catholic Faith Forum (CFF) is an outreach interactive programme organized by the Preaching Team of the Dominicans (the Order of Preachers) in the various higher institutions in Nigeria in order to teach the authentic Christian doctrine and to accompany young people on their struggles through life.

It is usually a full week programme of retreat organized for the students. During this week programme, among other things, there would be opportunities for individual counselling, workshops of Faith-Sharing among the students, Film-Show, and a Talk-Show on a burning contemporary moral or religious issue. During this Talk-show, opportunities would be given for questions and answer.

This week-long programme is organized once every semester. And we move from school to school, organizing this programme. So far, since the CFF started two years ago, we have made our presence in the institutions listed above.

After the week-long programme, it does not end there. The students we have encountered are encouraged to be members of the CFF by joining the Catholic Faith Friends Online so that we could maintain a constant interaction with them, and they can benefit from the various programmes online. In the Catholic Faith Friends also, students get to make fellow catholics from their institutions and other institutions as well to share their faith, their dreams, their aspirations.

The Dominicans are a religious group of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church. Their mission is to preach the Word of God everywhere. They were founded in 1216 and ever since then, they have spread all over the world. To find out more about the dominicans in Nigeria, Click here to go to their website.



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