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On Faith and Morals
Question & Answer
Is it OK for Catholics to have their marriage witnessed by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X?
According to the Code of Canon Law, Catholic marriages ordinarily must be witnessed by the local ordinary or the parish priest, or by ...

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You can get the daily readings of mass and the office of the hours under the Daily Readings section when you sign in. There are also many devotional prayers for your use. Prayer changes us and things...

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Let's be Friends...
Catholic Faith Friends is a forum dedicated to everyone who wants to talk about the Catholic Faith. Here, we become friends, share our Catholic Faith together and grow together in our spiritual life. Members have the opportunities to ask questions, get answers and proffer their own opinion on Faith matters as well as moral issues.

Very Often, we get carried away with many other earthly concerns that we forget the responsibility of our baptismal vows - to nurture our Faith. Come, let us learn more about our Catholic Faith, Let us live out our Catholic Faith more and we will continually rejoice in the great gift of our faith. Come, Let us be friends in our Faith. Sign Up today, let us talk about our faith. Let us discuss what bothers you in morality and religion. There is no reason to give up on Morality and Religion!

Catholic Faith Forum
The Catholic Faith Friends is an off-shoot of the Catholic Faith Forum (CFF) which is an outreach interactive programme organized by the Dominicans in various higher institutions in Nigeria in order to teach the authentic Christian doctrine and to accompany young people on their struggles through life.

It is usually a full week programme of retreat organized for the students. During this week programme, among other things, there would be opportunities for individual counselling, workshops of Faith-Sharing among the students, Film-Show, and a Talk-Show on a burning contemporary moral or religious issue. During this Talk-show, opportunities would be given for questions and answer.

This week-long programme is organized once every semester. And we move from school to school, organizing this programme. After the week-long programme, it does not end there. The students we have encountered are encouraged to be members of the CFF by joining the Catholic Faith Friends Online so that we could maintain a constant interaction with them, and they can benefit from the various programmes online. In the Catholic Faith Friends, students get to meet fellow catholics from their institutions and other institutions as well to share their faith, their dreams, their aspirations.

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''...The Harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few'' Thank you and may God almighty bless you as you support the work of the Gospel through Christ our Lord. Amen. BELOW ARE THE ACCOUNT DETAILS: 1. ORDER OF PREACHERS (SAMARITAN KITCHEN FUND)@ ECOBANK PLC - 2282067862. ; 2. ORDER OF PREACHERS (CATHOLIC FAITH FORUM) @ FIDILITY BANK PLC - 5210007819. FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES,YOU MAY CONTACT THE DIRECTOR, REV. FR. COLLINS AKHIGBE, OP: 08027954109
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How much do you know about the Catholic faith?
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The Trinity
The doctrine of the Trinity is encapsulated in Matthew 28:19, where Jesus instructs the apostles: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

The parallelism of ...

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